Community Service

Community consciousness is one of Neimeth’s core values. To this end, Neimeth as a good corporate citizen, has from the early sixties till date engaged in various community based welfare programmes that confirm its dedication to community welfare. The company has contributed significantly in helping to control worm infection via numerous free deworming schemes and has also deployed sanitation/ hygiene and diverse health educational strategies to reduce overall health cost through education.


Community consciousness is one of Neimeth’s core values. To this end, Neimeth as good corporate citizen has from inception till date engaged in various community-based programmes that confirm its dedication to community. The company has contributed significantly in helping to control worm infestation via numerous free de-worming programmes and health education talks.

Neimeth has also offered numerous scholarships to children and students alike. Her community welfare activities also involve sponsorship of numerous NGOs, Schools, Churches, Professional travel, medical treatment for individuals, and course/seminar sponsorship among others.

One of our health educational strategies is the Pyrantrin Kids Club (PKC). It is a health educational club for children aged 4-13 years and structured on Chemotherapy, sanitation/hygiene and health education.It has been well documented that children serve as the main transmission link in worm infestation. The club teaches them to serve as resource persons within their immediate families and friends on the dangers of worm infestation. Club membership is spread across the 36 states of the Federation. The club has numerous enviable membership benefits like birthday celebrations, scholarships, and other activities. Membership strength is expected to grow across other states in the coming years.

Another health educational strategy is the Helminthiasis Elimination Lower-Cost Partnership (HELP). This is Neimeth’s social engineering programme aimed at improving the health, nutrition and welfare of Nigerians through the eradication of worm   burden in   our society.  Like Pyrantrin Kids   Club, HELP is   structured   on chemotherapy, sanitation, hygiene and health education. HELP is a mass de-worming partnership programme with NGOs, Governments, State Ministries of Women and Social Development at highly subsidized shared/lower cost.

Since 1993 when Neimeth pioneered this programme nationally, we have dewormed over 5 million children in partnership with both federal and state governments. Our Mass Deworming Programme is unique because children are involved and it has the most visible political impact. Neimeth key deworming products (Pyrantrin & Unaben) are effective against all the six commonly occurring intestinal worms. HELP is a Partnership Against Worms, and a Private-Public Sector Partnership Initiative designed by Neimeth to benefit all families within Nigeria. It is an effective response to the challenges and threats posed by the staggering incidence and level of intestinal worms infestation in our communities and indeed the society at large.


Fight the Good Fight against Hypertension, (FITGAH) is a community health Programme. The programme enlightens Nigerians on the dangers of hypertension and diabetes and useful tips on ways to manage them. It also offers subsidized anti-hypertensive drugs to isolated cases for at least 2 weeks. The essence of the FITGAH programme is to offer free blood pressure checks for people, counselling and initial treatment of isolated cases. FITGAH focuses on Awareness, Affordability, Availability and Advocacy.

 The Stress Management Programme for Executives (SMAPEX) emphasizes the need for deliberate stress control by busy executives to minimize the risk of exposure to insidious diseases like hypertension, diabetes and other stress related diseases.


The challenges and threats posed by the endemicity of malaria in our communities in Nigeria are well known. Roll Back Malaria Programme (RBM) has been specially designed to take care of this challenge, considering that malaria is responsible for about 10% of children’s death in hospitals and accounts for high mortality rates in pregnant women at an estimated 40%.

Malaria constitutes a serious health challenge in every home, community, state and the country at large. It has caused countless loss of avoidable deaths, mobility, man hours, and socio-economic problems. One out of ten children dies before their fifth birthday due to the scourge of malaria. Malaria in pregnancy causes anaemia and low birth weight. We have two unique brands that are highly efficacious in the treatment of malaria. They are Neimeth brands of ACT – Nimartem (Artemetter/Lumefantrine) and SP – (Sulphadoxine/)Pyrimethamine). This unique programme has the most political impact because malaria affects individuals in our society.

Neimeth’s focus on indigenous research into drugs and medicaments for common African disease ailments led to the discovery and launch of Ciklavit, a nutritional supplement for the management of Sickle Cell disorder. Consequent upon this, a well-orchestrated public enlightenment /advocacy machinery was established by the company to handle issues on sickle cell disorder. Its activities include partnership in facilitation of the setting up of Sickle Cell Clubs in Local Government Areas across Nigeria, facilitating the management of these Clubs in collaboration with other NGOs, demystification of the disease among rural communities as well as counselling of young and single people before marriage.
This is an outstanding programme. We use our natural product Ciklavit in this peculiar disorder and often forgotten Nigerian patients. Sickle Cell Management Programme is very peculiar to Neimeth because we were the first indigenous company to introduce a Natural Nutritional Supplement branded CIKLAVIT for the management of crises associated with sickle cell disorder. It is a unique programme that can be embarked on successfully because it involves all ages – both children and adults

As part of her Corporate Social Responsibility, Neimeth also donates drugs to assist NGOs, Corporate Bodies and Individuals engage in various healthcare programmes aimed at improving the healthcare needs of people in communities and the society at large.

SAFE MOTHERHOOD PROGRAMME (Obron-6 Nutritional Supplement & Sweet Mother Delivery Healthcare Pack Programmes): 


This is our Sweet Mother Delivery Healthcare Pack Programme. It is a unique delivery healthcare pack tailored towards eliminating high maternal mortality rates during child birth. The Pack is designed to promote stress-free, safe delivery and significant reduction of maternal and neonatal mortalities that usually arise with inability to afford basic medical consumables at the critical moment of labour/childbirth, thereby compelling many poor women to opt for child delivery outside regular hospitals and unhygienic environments.  Over 12 basic items are contained in the pack. We have partnered with Bauchi, Gombe, and Kwara states and some local governments in Lagos state. It has high political impact because it involves pregnancy/childbirth. 


 This programme encompasses the prearranged care designed for pregnant women and lactating mothers. It is in line with WHO Maternal and Child Care. Most health complications and risks associated with pregnancy and child delivery have their roots deep down in malnutrition of the pregnant women before and during pregnancy. Thus appropriate nutrition, guaranteed by regular intake of essential nutritional supplements at adequate daily requirements during pregnancy and lactation, promises to reduce the health complications and risks associated with pregnancy, child delivery and survival of the new-born children and new mothers too. Safe Motherhood Programme has a very high national impact and benefits. It is a programme that sensitizes individuals and communities at both state and federal levels of implementation.. The target audience are pregnant and nursing mothers and this makes it unique.

There is a need for enlightenment on ways to prevent transmission of germs and diseases inorder to promote hygiene.
Poor hygiene conditions give room for infections which result in sickness/ disease leading to valuable loss of productive time and other resources which if not properly checked, can lead to disease outbreak.
The chain of infection should be broken with a reliable antiseptic as early as possible to ensure that families and loved ones are protected from germs that cause a number of illnesses, some fatal.
In the light of the above, our personal and environmental hygiene programme revolves around the NCP Product range where NCP Liquid antiseptic, NCP Disinfectant spray and NCP Hand sanitizer are promoted as fitting into an effective approach to ensuring personal and environmental hygiene in all Nigerian homes.