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Written by admin_neimeth   |   June 20th, 2020

In furtherance of our on-going Corporate restructuring and strategic employee capacity building efforts towards achievement of our Quantum Leap performance initiative, Neimeth is pleased to make the following key announcements on behalf of the Managing Director/CEO: –

Mr Olufemi Ojakoya is appointed Head, STRAPIMS
This is a new, strategic and challenging position which places tremendous responsibility on the incumbent for Business development, creative planning, reversed Business thinking, innovation and international market penetration (Export and Import) as well as expansion of our ECOWAS business. To prepare for this goal, Neimeth has created two new international/global business ambitions. We aim at making the first export of our two unique products – NCP and Ciklavit to the US and Europe before June 1st 2013 in addition to ECOWAS.

He will also be expected, to develop E-Marketing strategy, framework and protocol that will become operative effective Monday April 1, 2013 for the company, to serve both the Pharmaceutical Group and the Veterinary Business.

Prior to this new appointment, Femi was Acting Head of Plant Operations. He is a 1985 Pharmacy graduate of the University of Ibadan. He also holds M.Sc degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Lagos and a member of the Institute of Public Analyst.

Mr Femi Ojakoya joined this company in 1992 as New Product/GMP Coordinator. He has served in several Managerial and Senior Management positions at both the Manufacturing Plant and the Corporate Head Office.


Mr. Adebowale, Adekunle Ayotunde, is appointed Acting Plant Business Manager. He now has full responsibility of coordinating and overseeing the entire Plant Operations with a view of repositioning it to meet our products requirements efficiently and consistently. Specifically, he will be required to run the Plant as a Business unit with innovative, creative approach and motivation to ensure that our 505, 5KPs, Pancemol and Ciklavit achieve optimum inventory.

It is also expected that Kunle will see the opportunity in Malumint, Pancemol, Ciklavit and position Neimeth for immediate positive gains.

He obtained B.Sc degree in Chemistry from the University of Lagos in 1989 and joined this company as Chemical Analyst in 1991. He successfully held the following managerial positions in the Manufacturing Plant: –


Following the re-designation of Mr. Adebowale, Mrs. Biu Imuetiyan Yvonne Alero, is appointed Head Quality Operations. She will continue to retain her current job as Quality Assurance and Research Manager and do more now with this expanded responsibility of overall coordination of our Quality Operations functions. In this new position, Alero will report directly to the new Acting Plant Business Manager.

Alero has shown remarkable ability and effectiveness in her duties and it is expected that she will be able to do-more-for-less in line with our TRANSFORMATION CONTINUA and give us a more efficient and result oriented Quality Operations in all ramifications and ensure that Pfizer genetics quality is sustained.

She obtained a B. Pharm. degree from the University of Benin in 2005 and M.Sc in Pharmaceutics from Kings College – London in 2009, joined this company in 2010 as GMP Coordinator and has moved steadily through the ranks prior to this new appointment.

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