Neimeth joins the war against Ebola

Written by admin_neimeth   |   June 20th, 2020

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) or Ebola Haemorrhagic Fever(EHF) is assuming a global healthcare challenge that has resulted in fatalities ( over 1,229 deaths) especially in some countries in West Africa.. The contagious nature of the disease has made it imperative that in the absence of a cure or appropriate vaccine for now, prevention becomes the only viable way to insulate individuals against the disease.

In view of the above, the Centre For Disease Control(CDC) has been promoting Hand Hygiene (Regular Hand washing) as the No 1 way to prevent the spread . Beyond this, several campaigns that are both educational and enlightening and highlighting the benefits of hand washing have been sponsored by NGOS, Corporate Bodies and the Federal Ministry of Health additionally.

Neimeth, a healthcare company known for proffering innovative and enduring healthcare solutions relevant to disease indications in our environment, has joined the war against Ebola with the timely introduction of the ncp 25ml handy and portable pack, a potent antiseptic/ disinfectant which doubles as hand antiseptic for hygiene conditions aimed at stemming the tide of Ebola spread and for other household and hygiene needs. The product was launched on the 11th of August by Pharm Victor Okwuosa, National Secretary of PSN. According to him, the pack constitutes a transformation in the industry as it aptly fits into the theme of the 2014 PSN conference scheduled for November, 2014 and that the pack is also aptly targeted at addressing the Ebola virus scourge through its appropriate use as hand antiseptic. It is portable and pocket-friendly.

NCP is a legendary antiseptic/ disinfectant used to promote personal and environmental hygiene and comes

in   diverse dosage forms as liquid, cream, ointment and soap. Its dominance in the Nigerian Pharmaceutical Market is influenced by its unique features and unparalleled personal usage in 27 unique ways and more. It has proven potent activity against germs. The 25ml pack comes as a handy and affordable Hand antiseptic considering the current Ebola challenge. CDC also confirms that soaps, disinfectants, detergents and heat are potent against the virus and for the prevention of other diseases as well. NCP can be used as hand antiseptic, also for cuts and wounds, oral hygiene and general First Aid. It can also be used in bathing water instead of using salt which is dangerous to health and heavily discouraged.

Beyond the launch of the 25ml Hand pack antiseptic, Neimeth is also sponsoring Posters, Stickers, and other educational materials aimed at promoting Hand washing. Ant toilet hygiene. The timely introduction of the ncp 25ml handy antiseptic pack will give every household in Nigeria the round –the- clock protection they need against diseases through application after hand washing, bathing and for other personal and environmental hygiene needs. With this introduction, Neimeth advises all Nigerians to prevent Ebola disease through frequent hand washing by applying one capful of ncp liquid antiseptic for added protection. and ensuring regular personal and environmental hygiene towards the combined war against the Ebola disease.

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