Neimeth Launches Fight The Good Fight Against Hypertension

Written by admin_neimeth   |   June 19th, 2013

Neimeth International Pharmaceuticals Plc has launched a new healthcare initiative known as Fight the Good Fight the Good Fight Against Hypertension. The programme is intended to assist hypertensive above 60 years on free medication and increase their awareness on the medical problem (Hypertension).

The programme will offer free medicals under partnership with other organisations (Corporate bodies, Government, NGO) who will also provide free medicals to any target group of their choice. The Antihypertensives would be sourced from Neimeth at highly subsidized rates.

The programme was borne of the need to help patients manage hypertension effectively. This is because statistics have shown that 1 out of every 10 Nigerian is hypertensive and that treatment posed a major challenge due to the high cost of medication. In view of this the programme is structured on four (4) key considerations.

1. Affordability
This is our first weapon against hypertension. It is a well known fact that Antihypertensives are expensive and because per daily therapy ranges from N100 – N200 which most Nigerians cannot afford. Neimeth is offering 30-50% reduction in price of our anti-hypertensive brands (Miniplus, Amlovar and Normoretic).

2. Awareness
There is low level of awareness of hypertension. Bearing this in mind Neimeth will organize enlightenment programmes to disseminate information on the cause, and management of hypertension through the provision of health educational materials, and seminars.

3. Action
To make hypertensive products available Neimeth will go into partnership with well meaning bodies who share similar objectives on the disease such as the Nigeria Heart Foundation, Hypertension Society of Nigeria and Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria to mention a few.

4. Assistance
This initiative has been put in place to encourage all Nigerians to join hands as partners in the fight against hypertension.

Today Neimeth has blazed the trail by being the first to reduce hypertension management cost by 50% a strong indication of our interest in providing healthcare solutions to Nigerians which is a key component of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

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