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Written by admin_neimeth   |   December 6th, 2013

Neimeth International Pharmaceuticals Plc is set to record another milestone, as it launches Pyrantrin Choco, a chocolate flavoured variant of Pyrantrin, our brand of Pyrantel Pamoate. Pyranrin Choco is an antihelminthic (deworming agent) that effectively expels six commonly occurring intestinal worms/roundworms, hookworms, Pinworms, Threadworms etc. Pyrantrin Choco is the 1st of its kind in the Nigerian pharmaceutical market.

It acts by effecting instant neuromuscular blockage of the worms which induces paralysis and consequent excretion of the worms through peristalsis. With this , the drug obviates the possibilities of worm migration/excitation which is characteristic of some other deworming agents. This way, negative consequences, (e.g. worms coming out through the mouth or nose etc) are averted.

Pyrantrinchoco is packaged in consumer attractive eco-friendly packs which add immense value to the global fight for the preservation of our environment through eco-friendly practices.

One distinct feature is that the chocolate variant has been added to give consumers flexibility of choice and enhance therapeutic compliance in children due to its pleasant taste.

Pyrantrin Choco is the pleasant outcome of years of dedicated and consistent Research &Development (R & D )efforts, a very strong competence of Neimeth aptly entrenched in her Pfizer genetics. The product was locally researched and developed like most of our other products before now e.gCiklavit, the 1st nutritional supplement for people living with Sickle Cell disorder, Miniplus, an antihypertensive that obviates the challenges of hypertension and prostrate problems in some Nigerian men and Nimartem, our brand of Artemether/Lumefantrine (Antimalarial) that is the first locally manufactured brand of its kind in Nigeria.

The Disease
Worms infestation is a global problem and research has shown that it exceeds the world’s population. It is generally fuelled by poverty, and other socio-economic exigencies, poor sanitary and waste disposal conditions on the part of the sufferers. The spread can be controlled through chemotherapy (treatment with drugs) sanitation/ hygiene and health education. In 1990, a research conducted by Prof. O. O. Kale (then Chairman for the eradication of Guinea worm in Nigeria) showed that 85% of Nigerian children were infested and children were shown to be the major transmission link in the infestation cycle in families.

This necessitated the launch of Pyrantrin Kids Club (formerly CKC) in 1994, a health educational club for children aged 4-13. The club serves as a forum for the unification of children against a common enemy-“worms”, and also teaches them to be resource persons within their friends and family circles. It has many enviable membership benefits and a membership strength of over, 200,000 PAN Nigeria.

The launch of Pyrantrin choco will definitely change the face of antihelminthic prescription in Nigeria as patients’ compliance to therapeutic specifications will systematically reduce the overall worm burden on the society, and obviously prevent negative health consequences of worms infestation which under some circumstances, could be life threatening.

Neimeth Strategic Heading?
Beyond Pyrantrin choco, Neimeth also has a heavy products pipeline all at different levels of R & D. We have the capability to launch new products every quarter for the next 10 quarters ( 2014 -1st half of 2016)

Neimeth’s active R & D and ability for unique products underpins thisnew strategic heading More information and trends will unfold about Neimeth in due course.

Chinenye Okoronkwo
Corporate Communications Manager

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