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Neimycin Soluble Powder

Neimycin Soluble Powder

Neomycin Soluble powder is an antibiotic with Oxytetracycline as its constituent.

  • Calf diarrhea.
  • Scours in pigments.
  • Collibacillosis in poultry
  • Chronic respiratory disease in poultry.
  • Highly potent broad spectrum antibiotic.
  • Presents as highly soluble powder.
  • Used to treat and prevent infections associated with foot and mouth diseases in cattle, chronic respiratory disease in birds and bacillary diarrhea in piglets.
  • Easy to reconstitute and administer.


  • Prevent -5g/8L of water.
  • Treatment-5g/4L of water.
  • Or as directed by a veterinarian.

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