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  • Pancemol

    Pancemol, Neimeth’s brand of Paracetamol occurs as a white odourless, crystalline powder...

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  • Homtamin G

    Homtamin Ginseng Capsules, a unique and potent anti-stress formulation indicated...

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  • Neimelyn

    Cough Syrup for relief of coughs of various origin particularly due to colds and allergy...

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  • Ciklavit

    A nutritional supplement with antisickling properties discovered after 17 years...

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  • Necotrim

    This is our brand of Cotrimoxazole. It is manufactured and distributed by Neimeth...

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  • Tiocosid

    Tiocosid is a broad spectrum antifungal agent, which also has some antibacterial properties...

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  • Flexodene

    Flexodene Capsules 20mg * 6s, Flexodene Capsules 20mg *10s, Flexodene Capsules...

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  • Normoretic

    A Pragmatic Treatment of the Black Hypertensive through Controlled Diuresis.

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  • Amlovar

    Amlovar is the first indigenously owned and locally manufactured brand of Amlodipine besylate.

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  • Miniplus

    The Antihypertensive Tailored for the Black Patient. Prazosin containing Prazosin Hcl 0.5mg

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  • Flucosyd

    Flucosyd Caps 50mg * 3s, Flucosyd Caps 50mg * 30s

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  • Zedapam

    Zedapam is used as a hypnotic/sedative, and it is presented as 5mg tablets in packs of 1000s.

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  • Chlorbinese

    This is an anti-diabetic agent that is highly effective in the management of non-insulin...

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  • Tronid

    This is our brand of Metronidazole. It is manufactured and distributed by Neimeth

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  • NimARTEM

    Artemether 20mg + Lumenfantrine 120mg. Locally manufactured. Rapidly effective

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